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Introducing Churlish Films!

We announced earlier this year that we were starting our filmmaking journey. And while our previous projects are still in production, we have been honored to get started on other projects. Churlish Media emerges from a profound love for storytelling, a core value that has fueled our evolution as filmmakers. Our journey in media production has allowed us to explore the many facets of human emotion and connection, culminating in a dedicated space for more extensive, narrative-based projects. From the compelling simplicity of a short film to the intricate layers of documentaries and everything in between, our passion for cinematic artistry knows no bounds.

We're thrilled to announce Churlish Films, a new frontier in our creative journey where imagination meets craft. Here, we'll delve into an exciting array of longer-form projects including short films, documentaries, audio dramas, and so much more. Each endeavor reflects our commitment to pushing creative boundaries and our innate desire to tell stories that move, inspire, and resonate with audiences across the globe.

Our growth and innovation have been made possible by the unwavering support of our community and our relentless pursuit of storytelling excellence. At Churlish Films, we see filmmaking not just as a profession but as an artistic expression, a reflection of our love for the craft, and a testament to our belief in the power of stories to shape thoughts and feelings. Join us as we continue to explore, create, and celebrate the art of storytelling, crafting pieces that not only entertain but also enlighten and enrich the human experience. Check out our projects here. 

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